Black Army is a miniatures company that sells high-quality wargames miniatures and vehicles in 28mm, 1/600 American Civil War era ships, and miniatures rules.  We are located in California, USA and have been in business since 2009.

UPDATE 9/19/18:

Help Us Make New Minis! Fall Sale, 25% off almost* EVERYTHING in store!

(* everything except the Infernal Machines range as Shapeways charges us a fixed amount per piece) 

We are working on new products for you by the end of the year - at least 2 new 28mm vehicles, and 1-2 new Flying Tackle teams!  To make that happen as quickly as possible, we're having our biggest sale ever through 10/19/18.

25% OFF these ranges: Champions of History, Engines of War, The Last Decade, Shanghai 1930, and Flying Tackle! Use code 25ALL at checkout. 


August 2018:

The first 4 greens are ready for our upcoming Flying Tackle Team: the Cathay Jade Emperors undead team! Sculpted by Leandro Ventic.  

Jade Mummies and Terra Cotta Warriors, with Skeletons to follow... 

Thank you for your support and patronage over the years!