About Us

BLACK ARMY, named for the Black Army of Matthias Corvinus of Hungary (a long-time hero and ancestor of the owner) was created in 2009. Our driving goal is to produce miniatures for historical, fantasy, and sci-fi topics that have been neglected or completely ignored by the other companies in the industry. To that end, we constantly strive to improve the quality of our sculpts as well as the variety of our offerings while keeping prices to a reasonable level that the average gamer can afford. Many of our miniatures are totally unique, and we are proud that 95% of the miniatures we currently produce were the first of their type in the industry.

We've continued this trend with our BRAND NEW range of 3D printed models, which we call "Infernal Machines."  The range consists of rare, unique, and experimental American Civil War ships in 1/600 scale, as well as more of the unusual 28mm vehicles you've come to expect from Black Army.  All models in this range are sculpted by Alex Bagosy and printed by Shapeways.   We offer the models unpainted directly through Shapeways here: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/infernalmachines  Or, if you'd like us to paint them for you, you can order painted models from this range here in our store.

We hope you like our products, old and new, and our new store!  Welcome and thank you for visiting!