Yevdokiya Yakolevna Rachkevich, Commander of the Night Witches

$ 4.00

The Soviet 588th Night Bomber Aviation Regiment were called the "Night Witches," because this unit of women pilots bombed Nazi targets during WWII at night,  Given old 1920's crop dusters prone to stalling in mid-air and oversized uniforms, boots and gear meant for men, the Night Witches, led by Commander Rachkevich, mastered stealth tactics in their slower planes without radios. The Night Witches absolutely terrified their German enemies, whose only warning they were coming was a "swooshing" sound, said to be like a witch riding a broom. 

After the war, Yevdokiya Rachkevich searched Europe for the remains of her downed pilots, so they could be given a proper burial and so their families could have closure.

This model is 32mm depicted on a 32mm base. (Base not included.) Sculpted by Christian Amerise. 

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