Type 2 Ke-To Light Tank

$ 25.00

The Type 2 Ke-To is the first in our planned range of Second World War miniatures. We are the first company to offer this vehicle in 28mm (1/56) scale, and we're pretty excited about it!

The Type 2-Ke To was developed by the Japanes as a replacement for the Type 98 Ke-Ni,. which remained unpopular with Japanese tankers, and intended as the beginning of a new generation of production model light tanks. Like most Japanese tanks, it was mechanically reliable, with good visibility and an excellent weight to ground pressure ratio, which made it ideal for the difficult terrain in which Japanese tanks were intended to fight. Unfortunately, the development of the tank was marred by political infighting and the increasingly factional competition for Japan's limited resources. The fact that the Type 2 was to be entirely welded further delayed production so that, while intended to enter service in 1942, production had not begun until 1943, with less than thirty models completed by the end of 1944. In 1943, the Type 2 was assigned as the interim model for use by the IJA's  Air Landing Tank Regiment, and training was carried out for its deployment via gliders. These were detailed for their first official combat assignment as part of Japan's planned counter-offensive on Luzon in 1945, but the operation was indefinitely delayed and their mass deployment via air never occurred. It is not known whether the Ke-To saw combat. At least some had been deployed to Manchuria for testing and evaluation, and they may well have been used as part of the ad-hoc armored formations thrown against the Soviets in August of 1945.

The Type 2 was armed with an improved Type 1 extra long 37mm gun and a coaxial light machine gun, which was not always mounted. 

This is an excellent, if unusual, example for use with your Second World War Japanese, and would be a particularly fitting accompaniment for SNLF and IJA Paratroopers. Rules for use of the Ke-To can be found in several WW2 miniatures games, as well as various "Weird War" sets.

This is a resin kit and requires some basic modelling skills.

Sculpted by Tony Harwood.


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