Shipping Information

Items will ship in 7-14 days from receipt of payment, unless a notice is posted on this site that we are out of town for a certain period of time.

Black Army has been in business for six years now, and one big lesson we have learned is that shipping policies are tricky, and can make or break a small family business like ours.  Charge too much and lose customers.  Charge too little and risk actually losing money on miniatures, which individually have price points lower than postage rates for small packages.  It didn't help that our previous website was limited to calculating shipping by price - not weight.

The fact that so many of our valued customers are outside the U.S. also presents a unique challenge in calculating shipping costs, because international postage rates have skyrocketed in recent years. Update 12/2016: This has become worse over the last year because we are no longer allowed to ship one figure or two in a padded envelope and call it "first class mail."  If an envelope contains rigid items, it must be shipped at the price of a package.  And although we've found some tiny shipping boxes (2x2x3) that we can use domestically, the post office has informed us that we can't use them for international shipping because there isn't sufficient room to display the customs form.  Which means now that shipping one $3 figure overseas costs us $12.  So, unfortunately, we've had to pass that on because otherwise we would be losing a fair amount of money with each single-figure shipment.

Our new website allows us to calculate the shipping of each product by weight.  It also allows us to create separate rate schedules for customers in other countries.  We have spent a lot of time in front of a postal scale with our minis and vehicles, and have set up shipping on the website in a way that will fairly reflect our packaging and shipping costs.  No hassle, no separate Paypal invoices - it's all built in.  

Also - you may have noticed our new Infernal Machines range of 3D printed models, which includes 1/600 scale ships (most for the American Civil War) and yet more unique 28mm Interwar Vehicles.  The unpainted models are directly available on Shapeways, but for those of you who would like us to paint them for you, we offer the painted models on sale here on this site.  We are offering FREE SHIPPING on painted Infernal Machines models.

Thank you for shopping with us!